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2014-12-03 02:54

Nauta®+ & FICTOR®

Nauta+ and Fictor NEW software tools for DWS machines !!

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2013-10-18 02:31

A Jewelry Making Process

A metamorphosis of a 3D design becomes a precious piece of metal ...

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Welcome to Protech Transfer 3D

Starting in January 2013, Protech Transfer Co., Ltd. introduces a brand new segment in its daily business routine ... as a local Thai-distributor for the DWS Rapid Prototype Machine, the service portfolio could be expanded into 3D-sample-printing and distribution of this RP technology. A high skilled team provides fast and efficient work in every section of all necessary processes. The expansion of these new structures result in this webpage.

The 3D business includes the dealership of the DWS Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Machine in Thailand. Basically, DWS actually manufactures three models of 3D printing machines based on laser solidification of UV photopolymers. Patterns are developed from a shallow optical glass tray which contains a minimum amount of polymer. Each solidified layer of the process is peeled from the tray by an elevator platform after solidification by a laser plotting from beneath the tray. Peel is also assisted by an elastic membrane layer within the material tray. This membrane is a distinct advantage over other technologies as it requires fewer and smaller supporting structures for the build process.

All three machines can build models in a layer thickness ranging from 0.01 – 0.10 mm and a building height of 70-100 mm in the Z axis depending on resin & machine type. These materials however seem to be optimized by the manufacturer for 0.03 mm layers. Support generation is expected to be performed primarily in the native CAD software.

Daily Business is manifested in our Customizing Services such as:

- Correcting CAD Files (Support Strategy)
- 3D Wax & Resin Sample(!) Printing
- After Sales Service